Review: Wilma Schumann Gentle Skin Scrub

Product Review: Wilma Schumann’s Gentle Skin Scrub

Wilma Schumann Gentle Skin Scrub


Are all skin scrubs equal? The short answer is no. Sometimes the scrub barely has any scrub to it. Sometimes the scrub scratches my face. Sometimes though, the scrub works like it’s supposed to! Check out my quick review of Wilma Schumann’s Gentle Skin Scrub:

Why I’m in Love: It’s light, fluffy, and they don’t skimp on the cleansing beads. The cleansing beads themselves are gentle just as the name implies. They’re small and non-abrasive, exfoliating my face and leaving it brighter and livelier. I love it!

What I would want improved: I wish it flowed more. Does that make sense? When squeezing the life out to of the tube trying to get the last drop out, I can see that there is some scrub still at the end of the tube. Leaving it standing for a day does nothing. Maybe if it flowed more I could get the last drop?

How much: $30 for a medium sized tube.

Buy or Try: BUY!

Have you tried this product? If so then leave a rating and let us know how you loved it!

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